How Asset Plant and Machinery Turned A $100K Loss Into $8,000,000 ($8M) In Sales In Less Than 3 Months - during the PANDEMIC!

After wasting $100,000 on a marketing campaign with a traditional Digital Marketing Agency giant, Asset Plant and Machinery with the help of Miss Possible turned things around and generated more than $8 Million in Sales in under 3 months despite the LOCKDOWN. 

Have you ever spent money on marketing - only for it to go down the drain with no sales or profits to show as a result?

This is what exactly happened to Asset Plant and Machinery - a metalworking machinery company based in Melbourne. 
They paid a traditional Digital Marketing Company to market their brand and generate leads for them which cost hundreds of thousands of dollar$.
But despite their investment, the results were not even close to hitting their targets.
Having been burned so badly, they were hesitant to trust another marketing agency again and wanted to hire their own team.
But in April 2020, Miss Possible showed them a clear, diverse and cost-effective approach on how to turn things around.
Asset Plant decided to give it a shot.
Miss Possible quickly turned things around for them and generated a consistent stream of new business equating over $8 Million in sales in a span of 3 months - not to mention, during the first Melbourne lockdown. 
Asset Plant couldn’t have been happier with the results and finally knew they had a consistent and reliable way of generating quality leads and a DEDICATED Miss Possible team on their side working together with their sales team for the company’s growth. 
Miss Possible continued to work with them up to now, generating twice as much of the targets every single month. 
If you are tired of dealing with traditional Digital Marketing Agencies and paying hefty amounts of money, losing your trust and on the verge of hiring your own Digital Marketing Team for half of the cost, BOOK A CALL with Miss Possible.